‘Giving is Lining’ a joint initiative between Studio Ramp and a group of community minded partners. Studio Ramp developed the brand strategy, positioning, brand identity and communication & delivery strategies.

Giving Is Living (GIL) is in the business of giving. It is a tool to connect business and community groups and become a safety net for community groups with increased pressure from government to reducing support funding. GIL encourages & works with business to fully donate a product or service as a GIL co-branded voucher, so local community groups can use them to fundraise. Community groups or causes (like schools and charities) sell these vouchers for a fraction of their full value, to help raise money for much needed help or resources. 

The program is all about building stronger, closer connected communities where everyone benefits:

1. 100% of voucher sales go to the community group!

2. The voucher purchaser is happy because they get a great deal and the feeling they are helping their community.

3. The participating business gets to connect with their local community, showcase their product or service and create goodwill around their brand.



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